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Drone roof inspections and defect reports based in Melbourne.

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Welcome to BRD Drones, a leading provider of drone roof inspections and defect reports in Greater Melbourne Victoria, providing comprehensive and accurate evaluations of roofs to help homeowners make informed decisions about maintenance, repair, and construction.


BRD Drones originated from our passion for leveraging technology to improve traditional industries.

 Our team is well versed in the Melbourne roofing industry and comprehensive understanding of the building regulatory system, NCC, Australian standards and manufacturer installation guides.

By embracing drone technology, we can reach areas that normally could only be reached with scaffolding, lifts and specialized safety equipment. This not only benefits homeowners but also insurance companies, real estate agents and property managers who rely on accurate roof assessments.

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We prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional service with every inspection. Our team of trained professionals ensures that every report is thorough, detailed, and easy to understand.

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